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Charitable & Educational Foundation

HBA’s Charitable & Educational Foundation was created to give our members the opportunity to give back to a charity that is uniquely aligned with their profession. The Foundation’s success and ability to fulfill its mission are dependent primarily on contributions from HBA members. Gifts to the Foundation are used to improve housing affordability for the families of our area.

The Foundation also houses the HBA Skilled Trades Scholarship Fund. This fund was formed to support young people who will become the next generation of construction workers in southeastern Michigan. The fund’s establishment was made possible, in part, by a generous endowment of $50,000 by HBA Past President Paul C. and Cheryl Robertson. The first Robertson Honorary scholarship was awarded in 2021, two were awarded in 2022 and three have been awarded in 2023. Additionally, one Compo Family Memorial Scholarship was awarded in 2021, in memory of HBA’s 2020 President David S. Compo, his wife Michele and their son Dawson. Two Compo Family Memorial Scholarships were awarded in 2022 and another two in 2023. Funding for the Compo scholarships is made possible through donations made in memory of the family following their January 2021 plane crash, along with generous contributions from the Irvin H. and June G. Yackness/National Housing Endowment Fund, donations from the Slavik Family and Lake Michigan Credit Union.

In December 2021, the Walter R. Stoskopf Memorial Scholarship was established when HBA’s now retired CEO Michael Stoskopf donated $21,450 in memory of his father who passed away in October 2021. That donation, has been combined with an additional donation made by Michael Stoskopf and others made in memory of Walter R. Stoskopf. In 2022, the first scholarship was made from that fund. Two scholarships have been awarded in 2023.

Applications for the 2024 Skilled Trades scholarships are being accepted now through June 14, 2024.

Foundation Mission Statement

To conduct charitable activities which promote and improve the availability of housing to families in Southeastern Michigan and/or provide educational opportunities related to the housing industry.

Foundation Vision Statement

To promote the American dream of homeownership and educational programs in support of housing. To share our skills to give back to the community to improve the housing landscape and make Southeastern Michigan a better place for affordable housing and for the families of this area.

Foundation Policy on Publicity

It shall be the policy of the Foundation to obtain approval from a requestor, prior to a final Foundation grant being made, for the right of the Foundation to publicize, in whatever public media that the Foundation so desires, the grant made by the Foundation. It also shall be the Foundation’s right to protect an approved request from public media.

Follow Up Reports by Recipients

It shall be the policy of the Foundation that recipients of the Foundation’s resources must be willing to provide an update to the Foundation at the one year anniversary date of the Foundation grant, if requested by the Foundation, regarding how the Foundation resources have been used by the recipient.


HBA members are encouraged to make a donation to the HBA Charitable & Educational Foundation. The easiest way to donate is online. Your donation options online are:

  • General Donation to promote and improve the availability of affordable housing opportunities
  • HBA Skilled Trades Scholarship Fund Donation to support opportunities for youth entering the residential construction industry
  • In Memory of Walter R. Stoskopf
  • Compo Family Memorial Scholarship Fund Donation
  • Paul C. and Cheryl Robertson Scholarship

If you prefer, feel free to mail a check payable to the HBA Charitable & Educational Foundation to HBA offices at: 30400 Telegraph Road, Suite 202, Bingham Farms, MI 48025

If you would like to establish your own Scholarship Fund within the Foundation, please contact Susan Adler Shanteau at 248-563-2083.