HBA Internet Advertising Opportunities

Home Page 160 x 160px Graphic Ad - $200/month
      (runs in rotation on Home Page and all Members Only pages on the website)

Above price is for a web-ready ad provided to HBA on disk or CD-ROM.
Additional cost for HBA to prepare your ad -  $100

Full Name:
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Comments/Ad Type:
Total Fees: Sum amounts ordered above.

Method of Payment: Enclosed is a check payable to HBA
Enclosed is a money order payable to HBA

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Expiration Date: / (mm/yy)

CD or disk with ad is enclosed
Please create my ad, wording & graphics are enclosed

Print and return this completed form to:

Advertising - Dept. WWW
Association Offices
30400 Telegraph Road, Suite 202
Bingham Farms, MI 48025
or FAX to: (248) 538-4078